HKR Intv w/ Cat Brooks on Police Violence & Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli Rocks Stern Grove
Talib Kweli Rocks Stern Grove

Oakland, Ca ( 08-14-15) We sit down with Cat Brooks of the anti-police terror project to talk about the recent police killing of Nathaniel Wilks in North Oakland. Police claim Wilks had a gun, Brooks explains why the shooting is not only problematic but indicative of what far too many police departments are doing when engaging civilians… We also play an excerpt of Brooks speaking at an Art and Activism conference.

Later in the show we speak with Hip Hop artist Talib Kweli about his recent trip to Ferguson and how he balances activism with art. We also talk about his most recent projects and the direction he sees Hip Hop headed. We alsop talk about Kweli’s upcoming free concert at Stern Grove in San Francisco

Download HKR Intv w/Cat Brooks | Talib Kweli 2015-08-14


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