HKR: Banning African Drumming in Oakland

Theo Williams
Theo Williams

October 5 2015.. Today on Hard Knock radio we speak with Theo Williams, a long time Oakland based activist and artist who heads up the drumming circle Samba Funk. We speak with Theo about a recent incident involving him and his group and a gentrifier who recently moved to Oakland and decided that he would start policing Black and Latino drummers who come by the Lake…

This man in question frequently harasses people and demand they show permits and in some cases gets physical in his attempt to make a citizen’s arrest. He did this with Theo and Samba Funk which led to Oakland police coming and detaining the drummers for 4.5 hours while the man who assaulted them was allowed to leave. Theo gives us the full 4-11 and connects the dots to larger issues at play including racial profiling and gentrification..

Hodari and AntiqueLater in the show we speak with long time activist and educator Hodari Davis about the upcoming Life is Living Festival. This will mark the 8th year and Hodari who curates the event has alot of things in store. Joining the conversation is singer Antique of the group naked Soul and long time children’s advocate Emily Butterfly

Download HKR-10-05-15 Drummer Drama-Life is Living


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