HKR: Intv w/ Bay Area Rap Legend Lyrics Born

Lyrics BornOct 8 2015: We caught up with Lyrics Born who is one of the most exciting and dopest artists around. We talked to him about his latest album called ‘Real People’. Its is 8th release and is a keen reflection of his love and affinity for New Orleans style music. We also talk to him about how things are faring for him on an international tip.

We also talked to Lyrics Born about his upcoming show at the New Parrish night club in Oakland which will feature him rocking with an 11 piece band..For those who are unfamiliar with Lyrics Born here’s an excerpt from his bio

Originally known as Asia Born and one half of the group Latyrx, Lyrics Born had been a music obsessive since his youth, and in 1993 freestyles among a group of UC Davis classmates that occupied the same cramped radio quarters began to find their way onto paper, and suddenly LB had written “Send Them”. It became the first single on the newly minted Solesides Records, a collaborative venture between himself and his accomplices who would later go on to be known internationally as Blackalicious (comprised of MC Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel), DJ Shadow and Lateef The Truthspeaker, an East Oakland rapper with whom he found a shared affinity for the rapid-fire lyrical volleys that would define the next step. As Latyrx (a combination of their working names) the two MCs released The Album, in 1997. The LP would go on to become a certified classic, selling 100,000 copies, yet would prove to be the tip of an even larger iceberg.

Later on in the show we hear from Poor News Network who talk to us about why the Broken Windows crime fighting theory is seriously flawed,,

Download intv w/ Lyrics Born I 2015-10-08


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